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A marketing plan? Yes you can!

Learn how to prepare your own marketing plan.

We help you get started, then you choose the way that works best for your business.




Get started with no cost and one hour of your time.

No one knows your business better than you, and you can start your plan with two completely free of charge online tuition sessions ‘3 big questions, 8 steps and some common sense’. These are interactive, one-to-one (or with colleagues of yours) for your business and with absolutely no obligation for further sessions.

The first session starts with the basics – what actually is marketing? Marketing shouldn’t struggle to communicate it’s role or value to a business, but it often does – that’s why we start there. In the second session, you’ll find out about some easy to use planning tools, what to research about your competitors and look at customer feedback.

The main takeaway from the sessions is getting you under the skin of the marketing planning process and how to get better value from your marketing budget. Read what other businesses have said about us to see what they think of these sessions; they’ve not been disappointed!

What next?

You have three marketing plan options to choose from – a plan prepared either by you, with you or for you – using our ‘Tutored’, ‘Collaborated’ or ‘Delivered’ service. Each is an interactive process that can be started, prepared and completed online using either ‘Zoom’ or Microsoft ‘Teams’. You’ll cut through the jargon, to the key issues – and you don’t need any marketing experience. It’s your direct involvement that counts.

Using our 8-step marketing plan process, we’re with you all the way. Each service level concentrates on the structure and process for preparing a marketing plan, less on the specific actions such as specific promotional campaigns.  We’re not here to sell you those (though we do of course agree with you recommendations for these in a finished plan) – at the start, it’s all about the structure and process, supported by whatever level of input suits you and your business.

Why choose us?

We have 30 years marketing experience to help you prepare your own marketing plan – starting with two free 30-minute online marketing plan structure sessions. Remember, these are completely free of charge, interactive and with absolutely no obligation for further sessions.

There are clear explanations and introductions to useful marketing models and tools. Hosted by Jon Hepburn (a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and Chartered Marketer) you’ll learn how to make use of PEST analysis, a SWOT analysis, the ‘marketing mix’, marketing relationship ladders and the Ansoff Matrix. Used correctly, these really can make a difference!

Answer the three big questions for your business and you’re halfway there. Complete the planning process and the benefits can include better quality strategic decisions, identification of potential opportunities, promotional campaigns with more relevance – resulting in more enquiries generated.

Find out the 8 steps and sign up for your two 30 minutes online tuition sessions.

In the meantime, download a free guide to ‘Preparing for a Marketing Audit’ and ‘Making Marketing Work for Your Business’. It shows how to get ready for the first stage of your marketing plan – gathering information on how your business and its marketing are performing.

What other businesses have said about us

“Our marketing team took advantage of Jon’s 30-minute sessions on marketing planning and both meetings were excellent. We have a fairly robust plan ourselves but it was good to talk through the 3 questions that your plan needs to address and 8 points to follow. The discussions have prompted some work needed to our own plan and budget setting and we highly recommend Jon to other business owners and marketing teams.”

Dave Williams – Director, Henshalls insurance brokers

“The marketing sessions with Fedora have been extremely helpful, insightful and informative. I’d highly recommend other business owners who are looking for more strategic direction for their marketing plans to engage in the sessions. Thank you Jon!”

Stephanie Henson – Sales & Operations Director, Six Ticks Ltd

“Overall I found the two online marketing planning tuition sessions with Jon extremely useful. Though I am a familiar with many marketing practices, I was impressed with how easily the process Jon has developed can be applied to a wide range of businesses. The sessions were full of topical examples, great analysis, questions to consider and all presented via Zoom in a very professional manner.

Particularly, I appreciated the guidance on how the planning process contributes to setting objectives, deciding on business development strategies and then promotional campaigns. An hour well spent in total and I’m very happy to recommend Jon to business owners and managers who want a greater understanding of the role of marketing plays in their business.”

Dominic Moss – Senior Partner, Stonehewer Moss Solicitors

3 big questions, 8 steps and some common sense

Learn about the structure of a marketing plan in two free 30-minute sessions – and get your feet under the table with the marketing planning process.

They’re completely free of charge, interactive and with absolutely no obligation for further sessions.

  • The first session starts with the basics – what actually is marketing? There are then some key questions that need to be answered in a marketing plan – plus a look at identifying your ‘USPs’, competitor research and briefing external agencies.
  • The second session is on how to conduct an internal marketing review of your business – products/services, customers and competitors, relevant marketing models, the marketing ‘relationship ladder’ plus a look at customer feedback and brand loyalty.


Get started – Book your two free online tuition sessions today or find out more about our three marketing planning services.

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Three big questions that a marketing plan seeks to answer for your business –

1. ‘Where are you now?' - this involves analysis and evaluation

2. ‘Where are you trying to get to?’ - setting the direction with aims and objectives

3. ‘How will you get there?’ - the strategies and campaigns to achieve those objectives

Answer those three big questions for your business and you’re halfway there. Your promotional campaigns should have more impact, relevance and generate more enquiries.

Your Free Marketing Guides

Submitting this form will collect your email so that you can be added to our mailing list for future communications. Please read our privacy policy for information on how we protect and manage your submitted data.

About us

Your Marketing Plan is a service provided by The Fedora Consultancy, a long-established provider of marketing planning and project management services. Fedora was founded by Jon Hepburn, a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and Chartered Marketer. He has over 30 years’ experience in a variety of marketing roles – with specialisations including professional services marketing and customer feedback.

Jon has a passion for demystifying marketing and applying his expertise to the needs of clients in a variety of industry sectors. Away from work, Jon is a tutor teaching advanced motorcycling, enjoys horseracing at Goodwood and is a lifelong supporter of Brighton and Hove Albion.

Your Marketing Plan has been developed particularly for smaller businesses, to help you adopt a ‘marketing orientation’ – this simply means putting your customers at the centre of the decisions you make about your business. This we aim to do by helping you understand what is required for your own marketing plans, and how completing this process can help identify new commercial opportunities.

Don’t just take our word for it

We had a comprehensive online, un-rushed discussion and the format and structure works well on Zoom. The exchange was wide-ranging and very insightful. I found the strategic aspects of marketing planning particularly beneficial and will be able to implement these into my marketing plan straight away. Jon took the time, particularly after the first and during the second session, to provide a number of well researched points and questions in order to help me to start and formulate my marketing plan.

If you want detailed common-sense advice on some great marketing tools get in touch with Jon. Overall, highly recommended for any business that wants to maximise the value of their marketing investment. Thank you very much”

Paul Brewer – Director, Shropshire 3D Print Ltd

Why do a marketing plan?

The ‘Why do it?’ question is important because your attitude and approach to marketing is an essential part of the equation; you may even want to consider this at the outset as it can be the difference between success and failure.

Without a plan you are operating in a vacuum and without direction. You need to think about what kind of business you want to attract and your target markets.

Before you start any promotional campaigns, take a step back and get a marketing plan sorted for your business.

Understanding the process of how to prepare a plan has many benefits – find out what these are with the two free 30 minute online marketing plan structure sessions 3 big questions, 8 steps and some common sense. Remember, these are completely free of charge, interactive and with absolutely no obligation for further sessions.

To find out more about our ‘Tutored’, ‘Collaborated’ and ‘Delivered’ marketing plan services offered by Fedora , please click here to make an enquiry.

Your Marketing Plan

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